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How to travel safely to Mallorca during Covid-19 pandemia times

David Švihovec How to travel safely to Mallorca during Covid-19 pandemia times

This is probably the number one headache travelers have got nowadays due to the Covid-19 pandemia and it’s always important to stay up to date with the health recommendations and regulations that are valid on each destination as they tend to change every now and then depending on how the sanitary situation is being developed. The advantage that the Balearic Islands can have in comparison with the peninsula of Spain, is that it’s a limited territory that you can only enter by boat or plane and can therefore, more easily be controlled. Once the regulations have been decided and we know whether it will be obligatory or not to present a negative test done in the place you travel from to Mallorca in order to enter the balearic territory, and when there is a vaccine against Covid-19 we will know more about the whole situation and Mallorca so much desired status to become considered “a safe travel destination”. For the moment numbers are already looking better for Mallorca and lets hope it continues in this direction. If you however consider travelling in the meantime or in the near future, there are a few small hints or recommendations that you can take into account in order to contribute to a safer environment both for you and your party, as well as for the rest of the habitants of Mallorca;

  1. Remember that facemask is still mandatory everywhere on Mallorca and the only excepcións from wearing a facemask is if you are less than 6 years old, you have got a certificate from your doctor showing that you are not obliged to wear the mask, you are doing sports (keeping safety distance to other people), you are at the beach or by the pool, you are at a bar or in a restaurant consuming food or drinks.
  2. Safety distance – yes the marks on the floor are here to stay I’m afraid. You see them everywhere, as well as people queuing in the street, but it makes sense because so far it’s proven most efficient to fight the spread of virus and diseases; keeping the distance. The actual recommendation is to try to keep a distance of minimum 1,5m to other people everywhere where that is possible.
  3. Good hand and cough higiene. The gel bottles are also here to stay, remember to use them! It’s recommended to use a hydroalcoholic solution or gel always when entering and exiting a closed space (like a shop or similar) or when you have touched a surface that is regularly also touched by another person (like a door knob or similar).
  4. Avoid crowds. This last recommendation is getting easier and easier as lately there are very few events organized where you can find bigger crowds and instead people tend to look for alternative things to do and thankfully Mallorca has got a lot to offer in that sense. Instead of going to that shopping mall or crowded street, why not discover calm and hidden corners on the island by yourself or with your party? Enjoying a picnic in a natural surrounding can be so much more revitalizing than doing it surrounded with a lot of other people.

Hopefully these reminders will help you and your loved ones to enjoy a safer and more tranquil and smooth holiday on Mallorca. Stay safe!