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10 reasons why you should travel to Mallorca for your active holiday

Anja hiking 10 reasons for why you should travel to mallorca for your active holiday

Mallorca is considered by many persons one of the best destinations in the world for active holidays and all sorts of outdoor activities. It is the combination of many factors (summed up to 10 reasons in this article) that makes it worth it pressing that “book button” when planning your next active holiday. Let me tell you why:


  1. Excellent infrastructure for travelling
    1. Mallorca having the 3rd busiest airport in Spain offers normally good flight connections to the main capitals and bigger cities in Europe as well as with the main cities in the rest of Spain. Thanks to its centrally located position, flight time to Mallorca from the majority of Europe’s countries normally doesn’t exceed 3 or 4hrs which is considered acceptable even for a shorter holiday. Public transport, bike and car rentals also help to plan your logistics in order to conceive the smoothest options available for you and your party once on the island.
  2. Wide range of accommodation
    • It’s widely known that Mallorca has got a large offer of different types of accommodation of all levels to offer its visitors. From affordable public refugio style huts or hostels to 5 star luxury boutique hotels or rural agroturismo hotels. There is also a wide market of rental houses and apartments of all kinds on offer. Doesn’t matter which kind of accommodation you had in mind for your stay, I’m sure you will find it on Mallorca.
  3. Quality minded island working on more Covid-19 safety
    • Also before, but specially since the pandemia of Covid-19 started, the whole island including its habitants, workers, companies and public administrations have been working even harder to keep and improve the seal of quality and safety that is traditionally considered for Mallorca as a destination. A lot of different sanitary safety measures have been implanted (obligatory face mask/good hand hygiene/safety distance at all times etc) and are surely here to stay for a while – all in order to guarantee the safety of each individual living or visiting Mallorca.
  4. The mountains on Mallorca
    • You’ve probably heard it before, but I must remind you again about Mallorcas excellent hiking and trekking possibilities; there are a lot of absolutely stunning routes out there that are just waiting to get discovered. Mallorcas has got the luck to host a wide range of hiking sceneries; from the abrupt and sharp shapes of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains to more open and wide mountains in the Serra de Llevant and many kilometers of beautiful coastal paths on all sides of the island. For more safety and a guaranteed quality experience, we recommend you to book a guided hike, at least if it’s the first time time you visit the island in order to avoid getting lost and to combine your hike with learning a great deal about the local history and patrimony of this mediterranean island.
  5. The little green biking friendly roads on Mallorca
    • There are excellent biking possibilities on Mallorca and the majority of the small roads that are considered “bike friendly” or signed by the signs saying “eco-vies” or numbered as cycling routes are true diamants; they offer the biker a calm natural surrounding where your rest your eyes on fields, trees, growths, mountains, kettle or other animals, small farms or “fincas” or dry rivers or the coast. We do recommend you to either book a guided countryside bicycle tour or at least get a hold of the official cycling map of Mallorca in order to get the most out of your biking experience on Mallorca.
  6. The sea surrounding us
    • Well, as expected, Mallorca being surrounded by tempered mediterranen transparent turquoise waters, also offers magnificent opportunities for the person looking for activities related to the sea. There are the possibilities to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, kayak, surf, paddle surf (SUP), do coasteering, cave exploring, boat rental, speed boating, fishing, sailing, deep-water soloing or perhaps just simply taking a few days off to explore and relax at one of the numerous sandy beaches or smaller coves on Mallorca.
  7. Culinary offer
    • More and more, travellers coming to Mallorca are also curious about learning about the culinary offer that the island has got to offer. There are a great number of both old and more modern wineries of Mallorca and almost all of them are open to the public offering wine tasting, wine shops or guided wine tours on their sites. My personal favourites among the bodegas on the island are Son Sureda Ric (Manacor), Castell Miquel (Alaró) and Son Vives (Banyalbufar), but the list could continue! It’s also a nice activity to end a visit to a winery with a previous guided countryside bicycle tour (finishing at the bodega) or a guided hike. Local farmers in Mallorca also produce high quality virgin olive oil and perhaps an olive oil tasting session and to learn about the whole process of the olives could be a fun program for your party? Mallorca also has its own almonds, sea salt, carob and a great variety of herbs (not to forget the famous “Herbes” herbal liqueur from Mallorca). When it comes to the most famous dishes or things to eat/try on Mallorca it includes the sobrasada (cured pork sausage with red pepper spice), coca de trempó or trempó salad (a popular form of dough with finely diced onion, green pepper and tomato on top), ensaïmada (a sort of fluffy and flaky pastry), tumbet (eggplant, tomato sauce olive oil and garlic stew), arroz brut (“dirty rice” – a rabbit or chicken live stew combined with vegetables).
  8. Historical sites
    • So apart from obviously taking care of yourself, your body, soul and mind and your culinary needs while in Mallorca, you might also be interested in learning more about this island’s fascinating past? If so I can recommend the following places that I personally find very interesting for a visit from a personal point of view; cathedral of Palma “La Seu”, Castell de Bellver (Palma), Castell d’Alaró (for the hike and for the sights in a historical surrounding), Ses Païsses (prehistoric village in Artà) and Pollentia (roman remains or ruins in Alcúdia).
  9. Amusement
    • If you’re looking for amusement or any kind of entertainment, Mallorca really is the place to come to thanks to its wide range of facilities. There are for example 3 more or less big waterparks (open during the summer season), one indoor aquarium, many places to play minigolf, dinner shows, theatres, museums, sport facilities, adventure parks with tree-top rope tracks, natural parks and reserves for hiking and bird watching, fishing possibilities, boat rentals and so on..
  10. Family friendly
    • Due to its size (not too big – not too small), Mallorca is an island that is quite easy to explore by either public transport, by bike or by car. You can easily swap scenery from high rocky mountains, to sandy dunes or countryside fields – all in the same day, without getting totally exhausted cause it won’t involve too much driving if you plan accordingly. This, and also the fact that children are welcomed at the immense majority of establishments (hotels, restaurants, bars etc), really contributes to the fact that Mallorca is a very family friendly destination.